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AM/INT/Mex CH Vykon’s Blacktop Blowout


Chip, oh Chip…what shall we say about Chip?

 Chip (AM/INT/MEX CH Vykon’s Blacktop Blowout) was bred by Vicky Jones of Vykon Kennels.  His sire was Sherman, a top winner of his era, and his dam was one of the most stunning bitches I have ever seen.

He had an auspicious start which resulted in both his unique call name and AKC registered name.  Vicky had called me to inform me she had a nice male available and to ask if I was interested.  I was, and arrangements were made for the pup to come from Georgia to California.  I picked him up at the airport and on the way home I had my first ever freeway tire blow out.  It was before cell phones were common, so I sat on the road until a California Highway Patrol Officer stopped to offer to contact a tow service—get it CHIP.  I thanked him and told I would call the black and white pup that needed only a hat and a badge to look official “CHIP” in a gesture of thanks for the rescue.  Vykon’s Blacktop Blowout, just seemed like a really cool AKC name under the circumstances.

 Chip was the quintessential Malamute.  Not a mean bone in his body, but he would push everything to the limit.  During obedience training Chip would LEAN against me so he could not pay attention but know when I might move.  When we solved that issue, he would put his paw on my foot so he could not pay attention and still know when I moved.

 One day, against all odds, Chip demolished a steel shed which got him out of the dog yard and into my main yard. Unusually, a gate was open and he was gone.  I spent eight hours driving around every twenty minutes or so looking for him.  Around every corner I feared he would be laying there having been hit by a car.  I left the gates open in hopes of his return.  When I started to fill the feed bucket that night, I heard a familiar woo.  Chip had made it home for dinner!

Chip was forgiving, loving, kind, but his motto was “never retreat, never surrender”.  He is one of my all time favorite Malamutes, but would not have been a good choice for the novice owner.  If I was stuck in the Arctic, in a seemingly helpless situation, Chip is the dog I would want with me.  Submitting to anything, much less defeat, was not in his nature.

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